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My Education

Bachelor of Arts in English from Rice University

Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin College

Master of Fine Arts in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin College

Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children from Simmons University

I have extensive experience in course design for in-person, online, and hybrid courses. I have created and redesigned syllabi for courses in writing, theatre history, and literary analysis of both modern and classic works. I have worked with diverse populations of students in multiple states.

During the pandemic, I moved my unit on succeeding at the college interview to online videos. If you are interested in this material, see the CONTACT section of this website.


College-Level Experience

Fall 2023 - Present

Writing Arguments
Southern Connecticut State University

New Haven, Connecticut

Fall 2023

Introduction to Academic Reading & Writing
Quinnipiac University

Mt Carmel, Connecticut

Design course syllabi and assignments for Writing Arguments (English 112) in accordance with department standards. Choose reading material to prepare students to analyze and write expository essays. Mentor students in their personal writing goals during the semester.

Design course syllabi and assignments for Introduction to Academic Reading & Writing (English 101) in accordance with department standards. Choose reading material to prepare students to analyze and write expository essays. Mentor students in their personal writing goals during the semester. All courses taught in person.

Fall 2021-Spring 2023

Renaissance Drama, Introduction to Literary Analysis, Introduction to College Writing
Merrimack College

Andover, Massachusetts

Fall 2021-Fall 2023

Explore (an introduction to college life)
Simmons University

Boston, Massachusetts

Design course syllabi and assignments for Renaissance Drama (English 3220), Introduction to Literary Analysis (English 2050), and Introduction to College Writing (English 1050) in accordance with department standards. Choose reading material to present a balanced but focused experience. Mentor students in their personal writing goals during the semester. All courses were taught in-person.

Teach a proscribed but ever-evolving curriculum designed by the Office of Student Affairs to welcome students to college and give them the tools to succeed. Topics included study skills, wellness, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, DEI and intersectionality, and financial literacy.

Summer 2020 - Fall 2021

Introduction to Theatre History, Employment Law, Business Communications
Lamar University,

through Instructional Associations

Beaumont, Texas

Summer 2006-present

Shakespeare in Performance, Western Mythologies
ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars

accredited with Northwestern Statue University of Louisiana

Natchitoches, LA

Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Introduction to Theatre (in person and online)
Lamar State College-Orange

Orange, Texas

This position was as an assistant to the professor.

Assist the presiding professors with all grading responsibilities for an online course. Provide initial student support and low-level questions before escalating to the professor. Consult on questions of curriculum as requested.

Design (from scratch) two courses for Gifted and Talented middle and high school students to receive articulated credit for a college-level course in Shakespeare in Performance and Western Mythologies. Mentor a college-age TA.

Teach the mostly-set syllabus provided by the department to introduce the roles, artistic movements, and primary genres of modern theatre. Adjust the in-person course to an online model for the first time and develop necessary video production and additional resources.

In K-12 Education

Texas State Educator's Certification Speech 7-12
Texas State Educator's Certification Theatre EC-12

After two years as a middle school English teacher, I took over the Theatre Department at Incarnate Word Academy, a private, all-AFAB school in Houston, Texas. The program was small (only an in-class production the year before my tenure), but my students and I designed a production of Julius Caesar with existing costumes (1940's style) and, in just 5-weeks, we had a show that brought the program roaring back. When I left five years later, it was a thriving program with 1 in every 5 students at IWA participating and most productions completely designed by student teams, build captains, and prop artists. Our final year, we produced a student directed show (Puffs), a musical (Jane Eyre), and a punk-rock inspired Hamlet with cut-scenes by the Broadcast Journalism students, a student-designed 3D-printed skull, and a tie-in art gallery created by the visual art classes.

I have developed multiple workshops for the Texas Thespian Festival. The most successful is Acting Tools for the Ancients. If you are interested in learning more about this workshop or the ones for basic commeddia character movement, please contact me.

High School and Middle School


Theatre Director, Fine Arts Department Chair
Incarnate Word Academy

Design (in accordance with T.E.A. standards) the Communication Applications, Fundamentals of Theatre, and four versions of the Advanced Theatre course. Run Falcon Theatre, the after-school program, including: annual budget, season selection, recruiting students and parents, directing the productions, and supervising all set-build and costume creation. Observe and coach Choir, Visual Arts, and Dance teachers as needed. Coordinate annual Fine Arts Evening featuring awards and presentations by all Fine Arts students across the disciplines. I also taught the Yearbook class in 2020.

See the Director tab for more information on performances.


English Language Arts teacher for 7th and 8th grade
Harmony School of Excellence-Endeavor

Build a curriculum for both English Language Arts and an additional Reading Lab course for 7th and 8th grade students to improve STAAR scores (up 27% from previous year). Collaborate with other Reading Lab teacher to coordinate classes.


8th ELA teacher

6th Drama teacher
St. Anne's Catholic School


Camp Coordinator
Midsummer Day Camp, in association with the American Shakespeare Center

Create the 6th grade elective course in Drama, including putting on a one-act play and Spring musical, in partnership with the Music teacher. Develop and teach the Literature and Grammar courses for 8th grade students.

Under Camp Director Laurie Riffe, supervise a staff of twenty Guest Artists, Show Directors, Graduate Student Teachers, and Counselors. Develop curriculum and schedule for the week-long day camp. Write staff handbook. Coordinate parent, community, and media communication. Act as liaison to the American Shakespeare Center office.

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