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Contact here for performance rights for Yellow Wallpaper or Lock by Lock

Yellow Stairs

"The Yellow Wallpaper" is an adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's novella, designed to be performed by a cast of 6-30 students with a flexible gender-breakdown. It has been performed with students from 6-12th grade.

Schools may option the rights for $20 for competitions and $40 for ticketed performances.

Lock by Lock is a retelling of the Samson & Delilah story from the book of Judges. It attempts to balance a feminist take on the character with the message of the original story. Thanks to my master's degrees in Shakespeare, it is written in iambic pentameter.

     The one-woman show was first produced by Wandering Moose Company in Houston, Texas in February 2020. It is available for licensing at negotiated rates based on expected ticket revenues.

Thanks for considering my work!


Works in Progress

In 2021, I officially began my second Master of Fine Arts at Simmons University, this time in Writing for Children rather than Shakespeare and Performance.

Teasers for my current Works in Progress are below. No stealing!

Enjoying Music

Working Title: Old Mr. Walter Hates Noise!

Gabby and Des get along with all of their neighbors -- except for cranky old Mr. Walter who lives right below their apartment. Every time he complains about the noise, they try to solve the problem, only for Mr. Walter to get even madder! But Mr. Walter is not quite what he appears, nor is his complaint. Written in unrhymed metered verse.


Working Title: Gorgons United

Completed in partial fulfillment of the MFA Mentorship I requirement with Simmons University.

      YA Greek myth retelling for older fans of the Percy Jackson and Myth-O-Mania series who are ready for a look into the darker side of Mount Olympus but not quite ready for Madeline Miller.

      With the loving but irreverent approach to Greek Mythology that the My Lady Jane series takes to history, Gorgons United is a YA novel that brings together the stories of Hades and Persephone, Perseus and Medusa, and Cupid and Psyche, all threaded together by a naive intern in the Fates Office, who sets out for the mortal world to prove that the whole tangled mess is not her fault. At least not entirely.

Image by Rodolfo Mari
Image by Brina Blum

Working Title: Patricia Anne and the Tricycles in Trees

Completed in partial fulfillment of MFA Mentorship II for Simmons University.

      People think witchcraft runs in families because only magical families know how to complete the ritual when the dogs start barking. It is unusual for a young person to fulfill their destiny by accident.

       But it does happen...

       When Patricia Ann accidentally activates her witch powers, she tries to use her new abilities to reconcile her blended family and make everyone at school love her. Now if only her best friend Emily would stop being so suspicious of their new friend Dinah and let Patricia Anne just enjoy being magical! But by trying to fix everyone in her life, Patricia Anne might just lose what is most important.

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