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Falcon Theatre presents the

Halloween One Acts


Nathaniel Pendleton (Isabella Raschke) offers Alexander Hamilton (Rebecca Da Jose) a weapon to begin the famous duel with Aaron Burr.

The True History of the Famous Duel Between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

by Tony Tambasco

Highlights include:

Students tackle iambic pentameter lines.

Fully student-designed show.

Fulfilled a lifelong dream by casting a skilled tenor as Alexander Hamilton...though sadly not in the musical.

The Ballad of Gustav

by Paul Rycik

Highlights include:

Students meet the playwright! Skype with original author and ask questions about character and theme.

Design survives the destruction of the light and sound booth during school construction.


Queen Ham (Suzanna Marbach) comforts herself with a donut (hidden in her flowered collar) after a message gone awry. Attendants Isabel Calderon and Giselle Anchondo look on.


Graymalkin (Laila Richards) toys with a severed head while considering Macbeth's defense of his actions.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and

by Carol S. Lashof

Highlights include:

Cast has a Skype meeting with the original playwright (that doesn't JUST pester her about the "real" version of the ambiguous ending).


by Megan Gogerty

Highlights include:

Fully student designed.

Rapid-zombie-make-up team deployed to gradually transform the cast in rapid succession throughout the short vignettes.


Left to right: Christina Raymond, Clare Ballance, Liliana Billings, and Audrey Moffet prepare to descend to the audience in Aberzombie.

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